What is your go-to dinner for your family? Want to pass on your mom's famous banana bread recipe? What do you make for your kids when they're sick?

We're so excited about Mamalode's sister site (or maybe a grandmother site since it is so cozy and yummy) mamanomnom.com - a place in which we're Mamalode-ing up the food world—which is to say make it honest, loving, kind, beautiful and delicious. 

This is the place to submit your recipes, stories and food tricks. 

We take care of each other in so many ways… food is one of the best. 

By submitting here, you are giving us permission to run selected pieces on Mamalode.com, Mamanomnom.com, or both. We will always let you know which site accepted pieces will be published on.

We strongly encourage at least one photo to accompany your submission.

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